"Shouldn’t you be playing bingo?”

"I’m thirty four. And you’re, what, twelve?" 



"I thought old ladies were supposed to be jolly."

"Shouldn’t you be in school?" 


There is a certain need when one has been gone from one another for too long. It’s primal and takes away thoughts of anything irrelevant. It overtakes the mind and all that’s left is raw lust. Hands begin roaming, breaths become labored, and blood rushing to all the right places. There is no more waiting left to do. This need must be sated and there can be no other. The desires are too strong. Grasp onto something stable because there are four words I’m going to whisper to you. “I need you. Now.”




"You look kinda.. familiar..”

"—and you don’t.” 

Jennifer Morrison & Micheal Fassbender requested by christopher-jennings

Bless the young and rich with designer drugs and designer friends.

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